This website,, as also the greek version, is not about us. It is about a blog created by Gianna Balafouti.

Gianna is sharing with us her thoughts, ideas and knowledge about Food in all aspects.


She gives us cooking inspiration with her – or her friends’ – recipes,


She is exited from Gastronomy, talking about everything from fine dining experiences to specific studies of the chemical manipulation of food,


Worried about Sustainability, meaning to meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,

Food in Art

Presenting her favourite artworks with food either as statement or as main subject,


And, finally, she talks about all senses, not only the five well-known ones. Feeling is a sense too.

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About Ioanna

Gianna (Ioanna) Balafouti, studied graphic design. She became active professionally in the field of internet as a producer in digital media and then as a digital marketing director in listed companies.

A coincident brought her in contact with the field of gastronomy. Since then, her professional life is focused on food. She started by producing innovative delicacies, that have gained national and international distinction.

After 12 years in production, she is teaching “Innovation in Gastronomy, Cooking Idea and New Product Development”. She is giving lectures as a public speaker in relevant topics. Gianna is also an instructor in the program “New Agriculture for the Young Generation“.

She is head of gastronomy department at educational institutions in Athens, Greece.

Last but not least, she is a mentor for Start-ups in food-tech and food innovation sector.